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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

◊ Pattern on Pattern ◊

I took a bold step today in my fashion: I wore two prints together.

Now, this may sound strange, but somehow for the past few weeks I have had my eye on this outfit, waiting for a day where I would be brave enough to wear it.  To be honest, I am not totally positive that the outfit is really cohesive but I didn't match pattern and the color scheme was relatively the same, so for the first pattern on pattern, I think I am okay??

In order to dress the look down I wore low-top grey Converse, and can we all just take a moment to recognize the fact that Converse are totally fabulous shoes?

I am so proud of myself in this photo because I managed to not look like a complete idiot while jumping.

I feel that this picture is very deep-or I am crazy.

 In case you didn't notice, I had my hair in two little bun pig tails, and I seriously couldn't stop smiling all day.  There is just something about little kid hair...
 Shirt: Forever 21 Skirt: Target  Shoes: Converse