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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

✻ New York Fashion Week ✻

New York Fashion Week is a truly magical time...after all it IS a week dedicated to fashion.  There were so many shows but below are a few of my favorite looks.

Rachel Zoe: There was lots of white for spring and as usual boho but there were a few structural pieces that I liked.
This was a cute little lace dress.  I know it wasn't a scene sealer but I thought it was cute.

Micheal Kors:  I loved all of the sear-sucker and polka dot fabulous-ness at this show!  Plus the safari chic vibe was great.

This is such a cute print!
Victoria Beckham: There was black, white, pink, and maroon-mostly back and white.
The top is interesting

Kate Spade: Could this line get any cuter?  OMG...

Honor: So I really loved this collection, plus the runway was also really cool-it felt modern but not overcrowded with things.  

This is just so cute

I love these pants!
Fierce spring suit

I know that this dress could be a little
matronly but I think it's super cute

This is super cute.

I know that there were a lot of great collections that I didn't touch on but there is always if you want to look at some of the other collections. 

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

☼ August 2013 Vogue Magazine ☼

I know that the August issue of Vogue is practically irrelevant once the September issue comes out, but I did really like the Daft Punk/Karlie Kloss shoot as well as the 'Bonjour, Brooklyn' shoot.

These shoes in the 'Bonjour Brooklyn' feature were pretty cool...

I just think these shoes with the socks are awesome...
Here is the whole shot... cute dress too--expect
something on fall florals cause I love that!

And here is my own version.
Shoes are Steve Madden and I don't know where the
socks are from...

If you would like some more heel and sock inspiration, here are some cute pictures.

Now, onto Karlie Kloss!  (If you don't already love her, I found this from a few years ago-adorbs)  Can I just say that I love the way all of her photos tell a story, and the Daft Punk shoot was totally awesome...  It was about clothes for all ages and just to point something out here- this Givenchy was worn by Amanda Seyfried on the cover of Elle.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Worlds Worst Blogger

Okay so it is quite possible that I am the worlds worst has been far far far to long.

Although the year is almost over I am going to set myself some blog related goals:

  1. I am going to post at least once a week
  2. I will make the video edits quality so I may post less than once a week (look at me already making excuses for myself...kidding, I really do want to make everything decent, yo!)
  3. I will add a variety of content to the blog that can be tied back to fashion but may not be directly related to fashion.  (Just to keep things interesting)
Okkkkayy..... Lets give this a go, but first below is my penance:

I was caught off guard here- plus here is a hint: I'm NOT blogging...