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Monday, September 16, 2013

Worlds Worst Blogger

Okay so it is quite possible that I am the worlds worst has been far far far to long.

Although the year is almost over I am going to set myself some blog related goals:

  1. I am going to post at least once a week
  2. I will make the video edits quality so I may post less than once a week (look at me already making excuses for myself...kidding, I really do want to make everything decent, yo!)
  3. I will add a variety of content to the blog that can be tied back to fashion but may not be directly related to fashion.  (Just to keep things interesting)
Okkkkayy..... Lets give this a go, but first below is my penance:

I was caught off guard here- plus here is a hint: I'm NOT blogging...

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