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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

✻ New York Fashion Week ✻

New York Fashion Week is a truly magical time...after all it IS a week dedicated to fashion.  There were so many shows but below are a few of my favorite looks.

Rachel Zoe: There was lots of white for spring and as usual boho but there were a few structural pieces that I liked.
This was a cute little lace dress.  I know it wasn't a scene sealer but I thought it was cute.

Micheal Kors:  I loved all of the sear-sucker and polka dot fabulous-ness at this show!  Plus the safari chic vibe was great.

This is such a cute print!
Victoria Beckham: There was black, white, pink, and maroon-mostly back and white.
The top is interesting

Kate Spade: Could this line get any cuter?  OMG...

Honor: So I really loved this collection, plus the runway was also really cool-it felt modern but not overcrowded with things.  

This is just so cute

I love these pants!
Fierce spring suit

I know that this dress could be a little
matronly but I think it's super cute

This is super cute.

I know that there were a lot of great collections that I didn't touch on but there is always if you want to look at some of the other collections. 

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